Copper - an essential commodity for decarbonization initiatives

Kobrea Exploration’s Upland Copper project is tapping into the significant domestic copper resources of British Columbia, leveraging its strategic proximity to established copper deposits and known mineralization

Introducing Kobrea

Kobrea Exploration Corp holds a 100% ownership of the Upland Copper project, encompassing a 5300-hectare claim area situated approximately 20 kilometers from Taseko Mines’ Yellowhead Copper deposit. While historical exploration efforts have examined only 1.6 kilometers out of 3.7 kilometers of surface mineralization, our deposit remains open at depth and along strike, with the deepest drill hole reaching 235 meters and bottoming in mineralization.

The region holds significant promise for copper mineralization potential. Recognizing the pivotal role of copper in decarbonization efforts, Kobrea is dedicated to unlocking the true value of this commodity by ensuring a domestic supply within superior mining jurisdictions. The demand for copper products is surging, driven by growing applications in solar, wind, power generation, EV/EV battery transitions, and bioenergy industries. With the imminent threat of supply deficits, there is a compelling push for the domestic supply of critical metals.

Our project is located on-trend to a known deposit in British Columbia, and we plan on creating value through its development for the benefit of both our shareholders and stakeholders.

Upland Copper Project Highlights

Well Established Copper District

Active Exploration

Analogous Deposit Style

This is our Philosophy…

Copper is at the forefront of the race for decarbonization. Its application across alternative energy sectors is pivotal in reaching emissions targets set out around the world. With major mines being depleted or shut down across the globe, and the lack of new mines coming online, demand is outstripping supply and is projected to stay this way for the foreseeable future. We must find and build new mines to fill this void for society to achieve a low-carbon economy. We at Kobrea believe exploration and acquisitions in mining-friendly jurisdictions are necessary, and our Upland Copper project is the first step toward addressing this global challenge.

Copper in the news...

Copper is the most needed mineral for clean energy technologies

Solar, Wind, Electricity Networks, EVs and EV Batteries, Bioenergy

Renewable energy systems can require up to 12x more copper compared to traditional energy systems

The metal has four key properties that make it ideal for energy storage, propulsion for electrical vehicles (EVs), and renewable energy:

Conductivity, Ductility, Efficiency, Recyclability.

Goldman Sachs predicts copper demand for low-carbon technologies will grow to 5.4 million tonnes by 2030, up from around 1 million tonnes in 2021. (Visual Capitalist)

Demand for copper could nearly double by 2035, and mining companies are having a hard time keeping up. (CNBC)

Copper could skyrocket over 75% to record highs by 2025 — brace for deficits, analysts say

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